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Inner Light Counselling, is a mental health & wellbeing centre providing psychological support and therapy for over 41 years. Led by Psychiatrist & Marriage Counsellor, Dr. Rajiv Anand who specialises in Psychotherapy, Individual, Parent-Child Counselling, Marriage Counselling for close to four decades. Co-partnered by Mrs. Rashi Laskari, Counselling Psychologist & Family Therapist. Her area of expertise includes Relationship counselling, Parent-Child Counselling and Individual therapy. The team at Inner Light Counselling has conducted several enrichment, training programs at public forums and for various institutions and corporates. nner Light also specialises in Online Counselling, for clients pan India, and abroad. With the sole purpose to empower individuals to achieve emotional wellbeing and overcome psychological difficulties, at their convenient time and location, from the experienced therapist.


To promote & improve the mental health and emotional wellbeing of individuals, and families. To address psychological issues with systematic, professional standards, To enhance the quality of life, emotions, marriages & intimate relationships. To help them bring out your best in all possible parameters.

Our Dedicated Team

Dr. Anand is one of Mumbai's senior most psychiatrist. Entering his 41th year of service in the area of mental and emotional health care, Dr. Rajiv Anand specilises in individual counselling, marital therapy & sex counselling. His expertise lie in the methods of psychotherapy, simplified for his clients in one to one interactions and group therapy sessions. He has been a pioneer in setting up the first Family & Marriage Counselling Clinic in Mumbai. Over the years he has helped and guided thousands of individuals with their personal and psychological concerns, and has played a vital role in saving innumerable marriages and relationships. Over the past ten years only,he has conducted over 2000 workshops on various topics such as Self Enrichment, Anger & Anxiety Management, Marriage Enrichment, Effective Parenting, and many more training programs for schools, corporates and society at large.
Ms. Rashi Laskari is a Counselling psychologist, practising in the field of Mental health care for 10 years. She has gained extensive experience of working with children & adolescents, after having worked as a School psychologist for 5 years, with different leading schools. She practises as a Child & Adolescent Counsellor & an Individual & Family Therapist. She is also trained in the area of Relationship & Marriage Counselling. Her expertise lies in dealing with clients of all age groups, using an eclectic approach in psychological counselling & therapy.
Ms. Pooja comes with a specilization in counselling. Her expertise lies in working with students, and young adults. She is trained in areas of one to one counselling, child psychology as well as CBT.