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Recognising that every child is unique, different factors may play a role towards their difficulties, emotions and behaviours. During counselling, we treat every child presenting with psychological difficulties as an individual and plan the sessions to their specific needs. Systemic counselling sessions are planned with family members as well as.
The counsellor will work with you and your child (at any age) to determine the cause of the presenting problem, and create a safe space for the child/teenager to be understood and have his or her concerns addressed using cognitive behavioural therapy, play therapy, family therapy, and/or parenting guidance. Therapy sessions take place once a week to help your child gain the maximum benefit.

Through the therapy process, your child will develop their communication skills and confidence levels, as well as learning how to cope with difficult feelings. The benefit of this includes improving your child's relationship with family and friends and enabling your child to focus afresh on learning and living a contented childhood.