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All of the changes that come with passing years, can create detachment between partners. It may come from a crisis, such as an affair or the loss of a family member, or couples may be finding it difficult to connect or understand each other in the ways they used to.

Relationship counselling helps in building communication and understanding around the difficult areas of the relationship, that couples have not been able to address themselves.
In marriage counselling or couples therapy, we work together towards processing emotional wounds, building intimacy and closer connections and developing new ways to interact that draw couples closer instead of pushing them further away. Couple therapy also works to reinvent, rebuild, and restore trust in the relationship.

We work with the strengths of each partner, and include individual growth and development in couples therapy, to restore their life together for a healthier relationship. Marital therapy often takes place during an emotional impasse, when couples hit a wall but want to find a way back. Sessions will be tailored to each couple’s needs; usually one on one to address individual concerns, or sometimes including both partners.